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Carpet Cleaning Machine Price in Kenya

Carpet Cleaning Machine
Carpet Cleaning Machine
Carpet Cleaning Machine

▷▷ Carpet/Sofa Set Cleaning Machine Prices ◁◁

AICO 20L Carpet cleaning machine (Domestic) : Price Ksh 32,000/=

AICO 20L Carpet cleaning machine : Price Ksh 47,000

AICO 40L Carpet cleaning machine : Price Ksh 52,000/=

AICO 60L Carpet cleaning machine : Price Ksh 72,000/=

▷ Steam Wash Machines ◁

Steam cleaning machine for sofa - Ksh 42,000/=

▷▷ Floor Scrubbing Machine Prices ◁◁

Metro SC-005 Multifunctional Floor Scrubbing machine - Ksh 85,000/=

AICO SC-005 Multifunctional Floor Scrubbing machine - Ksh 95,000/=

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be a big hassle when you do not have the right carpet cleaning machine to use. Whether you want a machine for business or home use, choosing the right machine is essential. Carpet cleaning machines come with many different features so when choosing one it is best to consider features that meet your needs other than the carpet cleaning machine price in Kenya.

We have a wide variety of carpet cleaners to suit your needs and budget. We have small-factor carpet machines that can easily fit in tight spaces, and also large carpet cleaners for deep cleaning of all types of carpets. Our cleaners also come with different cleaning settings, with some capable of cleaning hard floors and tiles while others can suck up the water from the carpets to ensure quick drying. These features and settings affect the carpet cleaner machine price you will pay.

We have tested and tried carpet cleaners that have been shown to work well for both home and commercial use. Regardless of whether you want to buy a carpet cleaner for home use or for a carpet cleaning business, we have a product that will serve you well.

Our carpet cleaning machine are made to last. They are made using durable materials so you are sure of getting the return on your investment. What’s more the motors are also engineered to last plus they are highly efficient. This means you do not spend so much on electricity bills to keep your carpets sparkling clean.

We only stock quality carpet cleaning machine brands. However, if you are not able to choose we can help you choose the right carpet cleaner for your needs. Plus, since we import directly from the manufacturers we are able to offer the best carpet cleaning machine and sofa cleaning machine price in kenya for superior quality brands.