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About us

Our company was founded with one mission, to help Kenyans clean with ease. We are prominent and reputable suppliers of all biggest brands of vacuum cleaners available locally and globally. We have specialized in dealing with vacuum cleaners. As such we have in-depth knowledge of all the products available in the market today. No more guess work. If you want to learn about a vacuum cleaner whether you are buying one for your home, office or for a cleaning business we are here to help.

The legacy of excellence

For many years now we have been serving Kenyans with quality vacuum cleaners. We also assist in sourcing of spare parts but we can assure you that our vacuum cleaners will serve you for long before repairs are needed. If you need information about maintenance or troubleshooting your vacuum cleaner, we are always here to help.

Our team comprises of knowledgeable technicians with extensive expertise on all types of vacuum cleaners including upright, stick, canister and handheld cleaners. We are known for giving our clients unbiased advice when it comes to helping them choose a vacuum cleaner for their needs.

It is not a surprise that most of our clients come from referrals from customers that have used our services before. We are proud of what we do and plan to continue doing it even better in the future.

We are a Kenyan owned and operated company. We use this online platform to make our products accessible to people from all walks of like all over the country. go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients. With our phone consultations, onsite visits and inspections we ensure that you can get the best service from your investment.